Nov 1, 2013

Moving on

what's new? well, - i'm back as a single. i can't say either it is a good news or a bad news. or maybe both.
there're always pro's and con's of something. or most people said "hikmah".
so i'll look on the bright side. and moving on~

but ummm,, how exactly is "moving on"?
finding new gf? doing the thing u never get to do when in relationship?
enjoy the single life? be happy for urself n for ur ex?
i don't know the exact definition of "moving on"

but for me, it means getting things back to where they were just like before the relationship
for example?
emm well there's no dating, of course. only hanging out with buddies
less caring, less concern, and bla bla bla

whatever it is, the path are still very long and far for me to mourn over just one break up
*lol* do i even need to mourn?
and plus i'm not even thinking about marriage right now
so the best thing is to think of what's ahead of me in the future
there're so much to think when u're still 22, and marriage is not in the list, yet
so let's cherish every moment of it while u still have it. cheers!


27th october 2013 - i was officially graduated! it was a very BIG day for me. and one of the sweetest moment i ever had.
apart from meeting with my ex-coursemates, (which i've to say i actually miss them)
and then celebrate with my best-est friends forever, i just wish i could replay all those moments
can i have a convocation again? lol

the sad thing about convocation is that u finally realized that u'll never have all those things u used to have before - lecture class, final exams, group discussion, projects, and most of all, ur friends
u know them 4 years more or less, u met them almost everyday, and there's moments that u'll always remember, and u'll share them with ur grandchildren one day
not even once i regretted myself for choosing utm because i'd enjoyed every moment of it
there's not a thing i hate about utm -eventhough i hate it before-
even the food, toilet, lecturer, faculty, college, or anything, oh i just love everything

but every thing should come to an end, and so is this. people move on
the past will always be remembered, but it is the future that must be faced

nevertheless, one of the happiest things is i've got to celebrate my convocation with my parents. they got to see me on the stage, receiving degree, and i'm sure they had just realized that their child has grown up before they actually know it
my convocation is one of the BIGGEST gift i could give my parents, for all their hardwork in helping me, supporting me, and not even complaining a thing. THANK YOU MAMA & AYAH!

Sep 8, 2013

Now you see me

have u guys watch "Now You See Me"?
it was released this year (in july if i'm not mistaken)
and it was a really really great movie. or at least i think it is.
i just watch it last week (not at the cinema of course) and
it was very great! in fact i have watched it like,, more than three times
and fyi, there're very few movies that i'd really enjoyed so much, and by that, i mean not even once i felt sleepy or boring through all the scenes
to name few of them, well, the hunger games, percy jackson, twilight, and of course, now you see me
i also like to watch the casts' interviews at youtube, behind the scenes, the parody, soundtracks and all that kind of things
i don't know why the movies are so great that i'd obsessed with them

now u see me is not like all other movies i've seen
the storyline, the ending is so unexpected that i'd enjoyed it so much
even rating from imdb is 7.3 which is quite high
and the casts, even i don't really know some of them, but they are great
i mean, the four horsemen? wow!
my most favourite part, "ladies and gentlemen, tonight, we are going to rob a bank"!! haha
and my most favourite soundtrack - The Four Horsemen. Track 02.

i've heard there will be a sequel for that movie
maybe next year or 2,3 years later
but i'm surely gonna watch it. at cinema or at home? err, that'll depend. haha
ok that's all. thank you everyone.
we are the four horsemen! good night

Sep 7, 2013

Current Isuues

sitting at home, sleeping, eating, watching tv and bla bla bla, makes me feel like "katak bawah tempurung" [direct translation : frog under the shell]
but i do concern about the current issues. from the fb, twitter, news, radio, internet, etc
so let's see what's new

Fuel price RON95 increase by RM0.20

i'm not really concern about this matter since i'm unemployed, and my fuel car is fully supported by my dad *lol so i don't greatly affected by this. but i do try to save the fuel and limited the use of transport. for example riding motorcycle to go anywhere nearby, plan the journey to minimize travelling distance, and something like that.. haha.

however as a typical malaysian, i am strongly disagree with the fuel price hiking. frankly, if the government wants to stabilize the economy, i don't know, maybe they could cut some allowance or salary of the ministers. they already have all the luxuries. why not now try to concern about the people, the citizens who have already been burdened by taxes, toll, and now, fuel? *sigh but, well, of course it's just an opinion. surely i don't have much knowledge about all these so pardon me if i'm wrong or else. just voicing out what's in my head. but let us look at the bright side; after this our economy will be stable *yayy

KL gangster 2 movie leaks on the internet

at this moment, KL gangster 2 has already been released at cinema (if i'm not mistaken). but, actually it has leaked on the internet before the actual released date. and even worse, it can be downloaded freely! wow, when i heard about this, i'm very shocked.. more than i shocked about the fuel price news. haha

i mean it's like the first time in the history of Malaysia's movie industry that a movie can be downloaded illegally at the internet before the actual released date. umm well, actually downloading movie freely from internet is illegal but it seems like people still do that. so it's like not a big deal compared to downloading the movie before the released date. haha. even though i'm not a big fan of malay movies, and i prefer to watch it at home because after 2 or 3 years it will be shown at tv (or maybe just download it illegally *maybe) but it's very cruel and inconsiderate to the directors since they have invested, i don't know, maybe million ringgits, for that film. and then that person just easily post it freely at internet. it's no different than stealing million ringgits from a bank (only that the person doesn't actually get that million ringgits)

talking about piracy, everyone knows downloading movies freely from internet is illegal. but people still do it.. why? because it's already there.... imagine a situation when u are walking, then suddenly u found an iphone, still in good conditions. do u really just leave it there, hoping the owner will found his phone back, or let other people have it? well, obviously u can search the contact list, and find the owner, right. haha. but movie downloading is a different case. do u found a movie on the internet, and then try to return it to the producer? ridiculous! it's already there.. what else to do. just download and watch ittt *lmao

Barclays premier league

it's football seasonnnn y'all~ ohh well, i'm not a big fan of football. but i do watch football sometimes. usually when my brother watch it. my favourite team? manchester united. why? mostly because i like red. haha. talking about man united, recently i read a history of manchester united, and i just know about this (and i think it is quite out-dated), that the man united fans don't call their favourite club as man u. in fact, they quite mad if other fans call that name to the club. why?

well i don't remember the entire story. and i'm worried that i might get the facts wrong.. so it's better for u guys (who still don't know about it) to search at the internet. as far as i remember, man united once had very great players. and then there's airplane accident, and some of the players injured, some died. after that accident, other club's fans make fun of the accident, they were singing about manure, something like that, which sounds similar to man u. so that name was actually condemned the club on that accident. ohh i don't remember much. sorry if i get the facts wrong. maybe it's better if u search about it on the internet. and back to the main issue, about BPL, i don't really know much. usually i watch the game, and cheer for goal. i don't really bother about the ranking. not a big fan though

Conflict at Syria

this is quite an old issue, and i don't really know much about this. in fact, i don't think i know what actually happens there. i just heard that many people are killed, tortured, and for sure it's not peaceful there. maybe i should read more about this issue, and concern about our Islamic relatives there. let's just pray that the conflict will end, and they all can live peacefully

Sep 6, 2013

the perks of being a Wallflower

so i'm going to start posting again after.. well.. about two and a half month since my last post
and for the record, i'll begin writing my post in english, FULLY. no manglish
not because i'm great in english, in fact i'm sure you may already spot some grammar mistakes
(well, typical malaysian) sorry for that
that's why i'm starting to write in english. to improvise, and getting familiar with english

as for now, i have finished my degree, and currently unemployed for.. about 3 months
that's a very very very long holiday for me since.. i don't know
i can't recall the last time i have such a looonnng holiday *lol
not because i'm lazy (although i did enjoy myself at home)
it's just that i don't get any offer yet
i do went to some interviews, but still no answer
so i guess i somewhat don't pass those interviews
well it's ok though. at least i got the experience

em actually the real reason i start to blog again is because i just watched "The Perks of Being a Wallflower"
i have watched the movie before, but then i watch it again today
it's a story about charlie, a freshman, who is a wallflower, and then he makes friend with seniors at his high school
fyi, a wallflower is someone, who sees everything, knows everything, but does not say a word. they are shy and have a social disease. they cannot handle having someone pay attention to them even though they crave it as much as everyone else
(i tried to google the simplest definition of wallflower, so i hope u could understand)

somehow i feel connected to the main character (probably because we have the same birthdate. haha)
i can't judge myself but i guess i am somewhat a wallflower
and i think being a wallflower might be a bad thing, hence the title "the perks of being a wallflower" which means the benefits/good/advantages of being a wallflower
maybe its because a wallflower is a shy, socially awkward person, and that he don't have many friends
but not that i don't have friends. i do have many friends who support me all time, and always there in the hard time
and yet u ask me why i confess that i am a wallflower? haha. ok, then, i'll say that i USED TO BE a wallflower

it's not every time you can hav ur friends to stand by u, for example when u hav to move to another country, because ur dad have to immigrate or something
then u have to leave ur friends, start over at the new place, with no friends
where all the people there already knew each other, and u are the only one alone by urself
too shy too mingle, and afraid if u don't fit with them
well, i used to be that kind of wallflower
and it's kind of lonely to be alone all the time
but u know, a wallflower will not forever be a wallflower
as time passed by, though u're not aware of it, u've already made many friends
friends who make u laugh, share good and bad moments with u, hear ur problems, and all that
friends will stay friends, but they can't be with you forever
ur future will take u to a different path from ur friends
and then u will become a wallflower again

so my point, it's ok actually to be a wallflower
u get to observe, learn about people, their characteristics, behavior
but as i said, a wallflower will not forever be a wallflower
because u'll always make new friends to add to your contact list and fb's friends
so, appreciate ur friends. all of them
peace, and spread the love :)

p/s: phewww~ using fully english, it's like writing an english essay all over again. but u know, there's google translate and else.. haha. thanks for reading though :)

Jun 23, 2013

Feb 8, 2013

3 Simple Rules

-copied from 9GAG-

Feb 7, 2013

Drebar Terjun

this morning kena hantar my lil' sis pegi sekolah. tengah syok-syok tidur then die kejut pukul 8 pagi. not usually my wake up hour. tak pasal-pasal dah kena jadi drebar terjun.
so just cuci muka and then start enjin kereta. dah la tak gosok gigi. lepas tu dengan baju tidur and seluar track awan nano nye. tapi tak kisah lah... dalam kereta je pn. mata ni pun tak boleh bukak sepenuhnya time driving tu. still dalam mood mamai lagi. luckily selamat hantar and balik rumah.

by the way, last monday pergi barber shop. kedai gunting rambut india. aku tak berapa suka pergi saloon. they charge mahal just to cut your hair. i can even do it for free. tapi tak kemas la. haha
so back to the story, aku dah rimas rambut panjang-panjang ni. then suddenly i thought of something that i've never thought before; botak. like seriously? botak? haha
long story short, aku pun suruh barber tu potong mesin tapak tiga. ok this isn't the kind of botak licin tu. i'm not applying untuk jadi sami. so, that's it la. now aku botak. and it looks weird weird weird. and funny. haha. setiap kali tengok cermin aku rasa macam tengok orang lain. so weird. haha
and everytime keluar rumah aku akan pakai cap. sem baru nak start in less than 2 weeks. hopefully by that time my hair will grow longer so aku tak la nampak funny datang kuliah. unless la kalau boleh pakai cap pegi lecture class kan. haha. boleh ke?!

and here's a daily quote (not even related to this post). have a nice day! :)

Feb 1, 2013

Sabah Trip

Sabah Trip 4SMI, 21/01/13 - 24/01/13

On the first day, kitorang depart dari airport Senai around 9.30 pm. Then sampai airport KK, ada orang tunggu untuk fetch kitorang pergi ke apartment.
Lepas dah letak-letak barang, kitorang pegi waterfront untuk isi perut. Jauu gak jalan kaki dari apartment ke situ~ tapi never mind la, makanan punya pasal. Kuey teow goreng basah kat situ memang terbaik. Banyak sotong ngan udang. Lepas dah kenyang, balik tido~

Then the next day, kitorang bangun pukul 5.30 pagi. Siap-siap, mandi, and breakfast nasi lemak dengan teh tarik kat mamak.

Today's plan is Kinabalu Park and Hot Spring. Perjalanan sangat laa lama and jauu. Kitorang pergi dengan van.
Masa dah naik bukit tu boleh nampak gunung Kinabalu, tanah tinggi, hutan and cerun bukit. Udara kat situ sangat refreshing. Even matahari dah terpacak pun, tapi still rasa sejuk. Kalau duduk situ rasa nya memang tak payah kipas dengan aircond dah.
Then sampai at Kinabalu Park. Pemandangan memang lawa sangat lah. Tak jumpa kat KL or JB.

Lepas tu kitorang headed to Poring Hot Spring. Before that lunch dulu. Makanan dah disediakan. So kitorang tak payah la cari tempat makan. The first thing yang aku rasa is the tea. Pahit, dan kelat. or maybe lidah aku tak ngam kot dengan rasa ni *sigh* Why u don't serve air masak je.

Then they serve satu benda ni. Macam soup, lepas tu ade jagung. Bau je dah memang sedap. So aku try hirup satu sudu, and then.... Pfffff!! Rasa dia cuma dapat digambarkan oleh reaksi muka je. Weird. Then aku tengok orang lain makan elok je. So mungkin aku overreact kot. Itu lah yang terjadi kalau expectation tinggi sangat. Maybe the taste not sooo bad. Jadi aku pun try la rasa lagi... and I stand corrected! Rasa die memang tak masuk dengan tekak aku ini. So that's it la. Aku tak sentuh dah benda tu. Luckily diorang ada serve sayur, fish, ayam and telur taufu jugak. Kalau tak dah kebulur time tu.

After lunch, kitorang ke Poring Hot Spring. Kawasan ni ada banyak perigi air panas untuk rendam-rendam kaki. Tapi aku tengok ada foreigner ni siap berhibernasi lagi kat dalam perigi tu. *sigh* Foreigner.....

After dah spa kaki, kitorang masuk canopy walk. It is a kind of jambatan gantung. Nak sampai ke jambatan tu pn dah ambil masa. Tak pasal-pasal kena treking. Dah la pakai jeans.
Tapi memang worth it bila dah naik canopy walk tu. Plus aku ni bukan jenis yang gayat sangat.

Lepas Hot Spring, kitorang ke Rumah Terbalik. Tapi tak masuk pn... Sebab kena bayar. So kitorang tengok dari luar je. And rumah tu betul-betul terbalik! Kereta yang parking depan rumah tu pun terbalik. Selamat la orang yang masuk kat dalam tu tak terbalik sekali.
After that, kitorang balik ke apartment. Masing-masing semua dah exhausted.

Malam tu, kitorang ke Centerpoint yang situated betul-betul depan our apartment. Then dinner kat situ. Aku makan nasi putih, telur taufu and ikan sweet sour. Dah serik nak merasa makanan pelik-pelik since that sup jagung tu.
After that, beli barang-barang untuk masak lunch besok and then balik tido.

The next day bangun pagi and then siap-siap. Girls masak nasi goreng for lunch nanti and yang lain mandi kat swimming pool. Today kitorang akan pergi 3 pulau untuk snorkelling. New experience nih pasal aku tak pernah snorkelling pn sebelum ni.
Then kitorang gather and ada brader jemput kitorang naik bot. Aku rasa naik bot lagi best daripada naik flight. Kalau boleh la, aku prefer naik bot balik semenanjung daripada naik flight. Haha

Our first destination is Pulau Mamutik. Sampai je, kitorang change pakaian and then snorkelling. Aku ni dah la first time snorkelling. Then tak ada parental guidance plak. So blur je masa tu... Then bila tengok budak-budak ni seronok je, baru la taw senang je snorkelling ni.
Dekat situ boleh nampak clear ikan-ikan, batu karang and dasar laut. Bunyi macam dalam je kan... Tapi tak pun. Paras dada aku je. Cuma kalau berjalan tu sakit la pasal banyak batu karang.

Lepas dah puas snorkelling, then kitorang naik bot ke next island - Pulau Manukan. Sampai je, kitorang lunch dulu. After lunch, kitorang berendam lagi. Mana tak buncit macam ni. Laut kat Pulau Manukan ni tak clear macam Pulan Mamutik. Tak nampak apa-apa pn kalau snorkelling. So kitorang berenang-renang je kat situ. Pulau ni kotor. Air keruh. Pastu ada pulak used diapers terapung kat situ *facepalm*

Kitorang tak lama pun kat Pulau Manukan pasal nothing special kat sini. Next, kitorang bergerak to the last pulau, Pulau Sapi. Paling best bila naik bot nak ke pulau ni. Ombak kuat sangat sampai nak terpelanting bot. Banyak kali dah terhentak. Tapi best la. Haha. Dekat Pulau Sapi, aku dah tak berendam dah. Sejukkk~ Dah menggigil-gigil dah time tu. So aku bercanda di persisiran pantai je. Pulau ni sangat lawa. And sangat sesak. Ramai sangat kot orang kat sini. Diorang ni tak pergi kerja ke...
After about few hours kat pulau tu, and then waiting for our boat, kitorang pun pulang ke apartment. Semua muka pun dah penat and burn.

That night, kitorang keluar cari souveniers and dinner at Pasar Filipin. Our last dinner di Sabah, kitorang makan seafood - ikan bakar, udang and sotong. Aku pn rasa Terang Bulan or orang semenanjung panggil Apam Balik. Tapi Terang Bulan ni lagi sedap. Pastu rasa murtabak dia. Sedap~ Tambah-tambah lagi tengah lapar time tu.

After dinner, kitorang jalan-jalan dekat waterfront. Dekat situ sosial life tinggi. Malam-malam pun ade budak-budak remaja berpeleseran kat kawasan tu. So takde la sunyi sangat. Then kitorang balik ke apartment.

Last day at Sabah, kitorang bangun lambat pasal takde nak buat apa-apa. Cuma before pukul 12 kena check out. So kitorang lepak-lepak dalam apartment, breakfast, and tengok tv. Then pukul 1.30 pm kitorang bergerak ke airport. Flight pukul 3.45 pm.
Time dekat kastam tu, tiba-tiba ada la satu incident. Ade budak sorang ni hilang resit pelawat. FYI, resit ni kitorang dapat masa 1st day sampai kat airport KK and only untuk bukan Sabahan. Resit ni kena simpan sampai la kitorang nak tinggal kan Sabah. Then budak ni boleh plak terhilangkan resit tu. Kitorang pun risau la... Kalau tunggu dia, nanti ter-miss flight plak. So tinggalkan dia sorang-sorang la kat situ. Haha. But then, tibe-tibe dia terjumpa resit tu dalam saku sweater dia *double facepalm* Adoyai. Tapi apa-apa pn, semua selamat depart on time and selamat sampai di airport Senai.

END. Gonna miss that moment ;')

Jan 30, 2013


Aku sangat respek Bawani sebab dia boleh keluar kan all the facts about PTPTN, other countries education, peruntukan government and etc etc. plus, she can talk smoothly in front of the crowd! Hidup Bawani!

As a mahasiswa, aku sangat sokong statement Bawani. Though she shows less respect to Miss Sharifah, but above all she stands right.
About the Ambiga, pencetus anarki, A. Samad Said and orang gila statement tu aku tak nak amik port. Tapi  other than that, pasal free education, peruntukan government billion-billion tu, all the facts, teruja aku dengar. sampai la that Miss begins her "Listen...listen...listeeeeennnnn...".
Maybe she stops Bawani sebab dia macam dah lost control kot. Haha. Bawani tu pun nak shout kenapa. kan dah cakap depan mic. cakap slow-slow sudah. semua orang boleh dengar.

Then bila Miss Sharifah tu start bercakap, pointless. Maybe she feels insecure, so she starts mengarut bukan-bukan. Tak professional. Cakap macam takde knowledge.

Aku komen bukan sebab aku ni pandai. Tapi sebab aku rasa as a human, we should know which one is right and which one is wrong. Plus, aku memang takde kerja duduk rumah cuti ni. So elok la kutuk-kutuk bagi kritikan yang membina. Ini semua dari my point of view.

1) Listen... listen... listen... listen... listen... listen... listen... listen... listen... taktaw brapa kali she repeated that word. Annoying. Aku rasa dia takde idea nak cakap apa. So she keeps saying Listen Listen Listen.

2) When this is our programme, we allow you to speak. Actually the correct sentence is When this is our programme, only I can speak.

3) When I speak, you listen. Ok that's true. But when Bawani speaks, you also speak. So when you speak, then she has to listen. Habis tu bila masa nya that she can speak, and you will listen?? *facepalm*

4) Let me speak. Let me speak. (Repeated thousand times) She really have no idea what to say, don't she? *sigh*

5) I will tell you the answer to your questions. Sampai habis video tu aku tak dengar dia sebut pasal peruntukan government for education. The only suggestion she gives is What are you doing in Malaysia? Go to Cuba. Go to Argentina. Go to Libya. Go everywhere.

6) You have the very least of... Pendidikan. Statement ini sangat rude. It's just a mannerly way of saying You are stupid.

7) Animals have problem. and then she starts babbling about kucing, anjing, lembu, burung, ikan jerung *sigh* sangat irrelevant.

8) If you're not happy, you are very much suitable to go to another university. Aku tak sure la die memang cakap suitable or sound system tak clear. Tapi kenapa macam nak menghalau student from that university, die ingat die canselor ke? (is she?) But still not appropriate la to put statement like that.

sorry Miss Sharifah for criticizing your way. this is only my point of view. like you say, Ambiga buka mata kita untuk bercakap tentang human right kan. so I do :)

check out parody video by Mat Luthfi and the remix video! hilariouusss XD

Jan 29, 2013


(mood : Ainan Tasneem "Kamu Saja")

lama nye tak mendoodle. dah kata pn final year student.. mana nak ada masa.
kalau ada masa pn, teda mood nak writing. hahaaa

ok. tetibe teda idea nak tulis apa. idea overloaaddd~
nak tulis pasal final year, result, PSM, Sabah Trip, kenduri kahwin abang sedara aku, bla bla bla.
so since ada cuti 3 minggu ni, harap nye dapat la kill the timee sepanjang holiday ni untuk mem-blogging supaya tak terasa kebosanan di rumah. yeaahh! ok OUT dulu!