Sep 6, 2013

the perks of being a Wallflower

so i'm going to start posting again after.. well.. about two and a half month since my last post
and for the record, i'll begin writing my post in english, FULLY. no manglish
not because i'm great in english, in fact i'm sure you may already spot some grammar mistakes
(well, typical malaysian) sorry for that
that's why i'm starting to write in english. to improvise, and getting familiar with english

as for now, i have finished my degree, and currently unemployed for.. about 3 months
that's a very very very long holiday for me since.. i don't know
i can't recall the last time i have such a looonnng holiday *lol
not because i'm lazy (although i did enjoy myself at home)
it's just that i don't get any offer yet
i do went to some interviews, but still no answer
so i guess i somewhat don't pass those interviews
well it's ok though. at least i got the experience

em actually the real reason i start to blog again is because i just watched "The Perks of Being a Wallflower"
i have watched the movie before, but then i watch it again today
it's a story about charlie, a freshman, who is a wallflower, and then he makes friend with seniors at his high school
fyi, a wallflower is someone, who sees everything, knows everything, but does not say a word. they are shy and have a social disease. they cannot handle having someone pay attention to them even though they crave it as much as everyone else
(i tried to google the simplest definition of wallflower, so i hope u could understand)

somehow i feel connected to the main character (probably because we have the same birthdate. haha)
i can't judge myself but i guess i am somewhat a wallflower
and i think being a wallflower might be a bad thing, hence the title "the perks of being a wallflower" which means the benefits/good/advantages of being a wallflower
maybe its because a wallflower is a shy, socially awkward person, and that he don't have many friends
but not that i don't have friends. i do have many friends who support me all time, and always there in the hard time
and yet u ask me why i confess that i am a wallflower? haha. ok, then, i'll say that i USED TO BE a wallflower

it's not every time you can hav ur friends to stand by u, for example when u hav to move to another country, because ur dad have to immigrate or something
then u have to leave ur friends, start over at the new place, with no friends
where all the people there already knew each other, and u are the only one alone by urself
too shy too mingle, and afraid if u don't fit with them
well, i used to be that kind of wallflower
and it's kind of lonely to be alone all the time
but u know, a wallflower will not forever be a wallflower
as time passed by, though u're not aware of it, u've already made many friends
friends who make u laugh, share good and bad moments with u, hear ur problems, and all that
friends will stay friends, but they can't be with you forever
ur future will take u to a different path from ur friends
and then u will become a wallflower again

so my point, it's ok actually to be a wallflower
u get to observe, learn about people, their characteristics, behavior
but as i said, a wallflower will not forever be a wallflower
because u'll always make new friends to add to your contact list and fb's friends
so, appreciate ur friends. all of them
peace, and spread the love :)

p/s: phewww~ using fully english, it's like writing an english essay all over again. but u know, there's google translate and else.. haha. thanks for reading though :)