Sep 7, 2013

Current Isuues

sitting at home, sleeping, eating, watching tv and bla bla bla, makes me feel like "katak bawah tempurung" [direct translation : frog under the shell]
but i do concern about the current issues. from the fb, twitter, news, radio, internet, etc
so let's see what's new

Fuel price RON95 increase by RM0.20

i'm not really concern about this matter since i'm unemployed, and my fuel car is fully supported by my dad *lol so i don't greatly affected by this. but i do try to save the fuel and limited the use of transport. for example riding motorcycle to go anywhere nearby, plan the journey to minimize travelling distance, and something like that.. haha.

however as a typical malaysian, i am strongly disagree with the fuel price hiking. frankly, if the government wants to stabilize the economy, i don't know, maybe they could cut some allowance or salary of the ministers. they already have all the luxuries. why not now try to concern about the people, the citizens who have already been burdened by taxes, toll, and now, fuel? *sigh but, well, of course it's just an opinion. surely i don't have much knowledge about all these so pardon me if i'm wrong or else. just voicing out what's in my head. but let us look at the bright side; after this our economy will be stable *yayy

KL gangster 2 movie leaks on the internet

at this moment, KL gangster 2 has already been released at cinema (if i'm not mistaken). but, actually it has leaked on the internet before the actual released date. and even worse, it can be downloaded freely! wow, when i heard about this, i'm very shocked.. more than i shocked about the fuel price news. haha

i mean it's like the first time in the history of Malaysia's movie industry that a movie can be downloaded illegally at the internet before the actual released date. umm well, actually downloading movie freely from internet is illegal but it seems like people still do that. so it's like not a big deal compared to downloading the movie before the released date. haha. even though i'm not a big fan of malay movies, and i prefer to watch it at home because after 2 or 3 years it will be shown at tv (or maybe just download it illegally *maybe) but it's very cruel and inconsiderate to the directors since they have invested, i don't know, maybe million ringgits, for that film. and then that person just easily post it freely at internet. it's no different than stealing million ringgits from a bank (only that the person doesn't actually get that million ringgits)

talking about piracy, everyone knows downloading movies freely from internet is illegal. but people still do it.. why? because it's already there.... imagine a situation when u are walking, then suddenly u found an iphone, still in good conditions. do u really just leave it there, hoping the owner will found his phone back, or let other people have it? well, obviously u can search the contact list, and find the owner, right. haha. but movie downloading is a different case. do u found a movie on the internet, and then try to return it to the producer? ridiculous! it's already there.. what else to do. just download and watch ittt *lmao

Barclays premier league

it's football seasonnnn y'all~ ohh well, i'm not a big fan of football. but i do watch football sometimes. usually when my brother watch it. my favourite team? manchester united. why? mostly because i like red. haha. talking about man united, recently i read a history of manchester united, and i just know about this (and i think it is quite out-dated), that the man united fans don't call their favourite club as man u. in fact, they quite mad if other fans call that name to the club. why?

well i don't remember the entire story. and i'm worried that i might get the facts wrong.. so it's better for u guys (who still don't know about it) to search at the internet. as far as i remember, man united once had very great players. and then there's airplane accident, and some of the players injured, some died. after that accident, other club's fans make fun of the accident, they were singing about manure, something like that, which sounds similar to man u. so that name was actually condemned the club on that accident. ohh i don't remember much. sorry if i get the facts wrong. maybe it's better if u search about it on the internet. and back to the main issue, about BPL, i don't really know much. usually i watch the game, and cheer for goal. i don't really bother about the ranking. not a big fan though

Conflict at Syria

this is quite an old issue, and i don't really know much about this. in fact, i don't think i know what actually happens there. i just heard that many people are killed, tortured, and for sure it's not peaceful there. maybe i should read more about this issue, and concern about our Islamic relatives there. let's just pray that the conflict will end, and they all can live peacefully