Sep 8, 2013

Now you see me

have u guys watch "Now You See Me"?
it was released this year (in july if i'm not mistaken)
and it was a really really great movie. or at least i think it is.
i just watch it last week (not at the cinema of course) and
it was very great! in fact i have watched it like,, more than three times
and fyi, there're very few movies that i'd really enjoyed so much, and by that, i mean not even once i felt sleepy or boring through all the scenes
to name few of them, well, the hunger games, percy jackson, twilight, and of course, now you see me
i also like to watch the casts' interviews at youtube, behind the scenes, the parody, soundtracks and all that kind of things
i don't know why the movies are so great that i'd obsessed with them

now u see me is not like all other movies i've seen
the storyline, the ending is so unexpected that i'd enjoyed it so much
even rating from imdb is 7.3 which is quite high
and the casts, even i don't really know some of them, but they are great
i mean, the four horsemen? wow!
my most favourite part, "ladies and gentlemen, tonight, we are going to rob a bank"!! haha
and my most favourite soundtrack - The Four Horsemen. Track 02.

i've heard there will be a sequel for that movie
maybe next year or 2,3 years later
but i'm surely gonna watch it. at cinema or at home? err, that'll depend. haha
ok that's all. thank you everyone.
we are the four horsemen! good night