Nov 1, 2013

Moving on

what's new? well, - i'm back as a single. i can't say either it is a good news or a bad news. or maybe both.
there're always pro's and con's of something. or most people said "hikmah".
so i'll look on the bright side. and moving on~

but ummm,, how exactly is "moving on"?
finding new gf? doing the thing u never get to do when in relationship?
enjoy the single life? be happy for urself n for ur ex?
i don't know the exact definition of "moving on"

but for me, it means getting things back to where they were just like before the relationship
for example?
emm well there's no dating, of course. only hanging out with buddies
less caring, less concern, and bla bla bla

whatever it is, the path are still very long and far for me to mourn over just one break up
*lol* do i even need to mourn?
and plus i'm not even thinking about marriage right now
so the best thing is to think of what's ahead of me in the future
there're so much to think when u're still 22, and marriage is not in the list, yet
so let's cherish every moment of it while u still have it. cheers!