Aug 7, 2011


wut do u call people who's in love wit music? yeah. a music lover! that's me. thanks for asking... i'm presently addicted to music. i listen to any kind  of music - rock, ballad, pop, ethnic, dangdut, etc etc as long as they ar enjoyable. yep. i have mp3 - this is the third. yes. yang ketiga. the 1st and 2nd were stolen. of course idk the stealer... but it doesn't bother me.

so, talking bout mp3, i rarely seen people bringing mp3 nowadays. of course this days, people listen to music by their henset je. tapi by any medium pn, this thing would be an important thing to have - earphone. some may use headphone cause it's bigger and comfortable *maybe* and the sound bass is loud. whatever kind of listening-wire-phone we are using, it must be important right. why? :
-so our music don't bother other people. i.e, wut if u r listening to some crazy head-banging music where it might not suit some other people ears *like me*, it would be annoying right
-besides, u can listen to the music loudly and clearly without any noise from da environment *is this sentence's right?*
 wutever reason it is, earphone is very important to me, and maybe for u?

but of course, earphone can't live long, even if we care so much. then u just dump them, and find a new one. yeah! dump them, find a new one! there's nothing to do with broken things right!
but the way u care them, might lengthen their life span. it's like dating someone right! but i'm not meaning any of dis sentence to the couples out there. of course dis is earphone... not a BF/GF *take note please*

so to the music lovers out there, don't be too obsessed wit the music. dis Ramadhan, let's take some time to hear bacaan al-Quran, zikir, lgu-lgu nasyid. not lagu raya ok! tu lambat lagi... Salam Ramadhan untuk semua~