Jan 20, 2012

Marathon Entry

this is the 2nd entry for today. i'm just too excited to blogging sampai tak ingat nak packing. besok nak balek kot! nevermind. i'll pack after this entry. no more entry after this *FOR TODAY ONLY*! HAHA

ok. back to the main point. this semester only i have 4 group project. firstly, nak cakap thanks to ALL my group members for your commitment in finishing our projects! walaupun masing-masing sibuk dengan test, final, presentation but still we manage to finish our project. give yourself a big applause *tepuk tepuk*

for this entry, i'm presenting my group members for... *drum roll*... Component Design project!! HAHA!

allow me to introduce my group members first:

1) the first one is Nazren a.k.a Mr. We-Should-Make-Discussion. this Mr is the one that always plan our project discussion whenever and wherever. so many discussion we done to complete our project. there's even a time that we had to do our discussion for half day long. very tiring! but thanks to this Mr, we are the first group to finish and submit our project! impressive!

2) second is Emmy a.k.a Miss Versatile-That-Knows-Everything. this Miss makes our presentation slide using i-forgot-the-name for our progress presentation. and know what, we got full mark for our presentation! *wow!*.. then this Miss also can make drawing using what-the-software-is which even i don't know how to use it. marvellous!

3) the last one is that person with the biggest smile in the picture - Pdot or what should we call him Mr. Always-Late-For-Meeting. Hey! it's me who you are talking about! so i can't describe myself. maybe Nazren or Emmy can describe this Mr perhaps. Haha

finally is our Handsome and Smart lecturer Dr Kasim! so cheerful. never seen him got angry. most important is you will not believe his age after you see his face. i'm not gonna reveal his age but he's looking very young like 30's. his secret? well, ask him. haha

and to Dr Kasim, we, group 3G would like to propose a big THANK YOU for teaching us this semester. hopefully you will not forget us and please give good grade for our Component Design. haHA!