Mar 9, 2014

Hectic week

what a hectic week! balik kerja pukul 11 malam, tidur pukul 5 pagi, then bangun pukul 10 pagi and masuk ofis pukul 11 pagi. no time for lunch, no time for dinner. this workshit just got serious! guess i just have to deal with it. yang penting assignment dah siap dan presentation dah habis. so let's enjoy this wonderful time before the next assignment

apart from this tak-cukup-tidur thing, actually i find my job is kinda interesting. everyone is being nice. so many things to learn. lepas tu this assignment thing, we had discussion, report, big-day presentation, macam zaman universiti dulu. will get used to it sooner or later. and i even have a mentor to coach me. dah about 2mnths+ already and i have another 6 months before my next rotation. cepat lahh!